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Dearest England,

I understand culturally why condoms have no luxury tax in America and tampons do.

With respect to your history of 50% Hysteria – and Male dominated medical research and narrative “about” the female form (versus their own fascination with it) – Am i safe to presume that in the eyes of your medical professionals its better for the woman to hand her uterus and eggs over to you than for her to miss her period?

I laughed and cryed when I watched the Movie.


A dark time in history

is actually just a bible verse and their true issue is with christianity

“white as snow” comes from the bible.  It comes from the idea that to aspire to being better.  The “racism” is actually not racism – its the minority feeling the intensity of Christian faith.  If those complaining about racism are Christian then they don’t understand scripture and they don’t truly understand racism.


All I can do

Medical records, Military bases, Federal Objectives, Dodds Schools, GENDER, puberty, rumors, medical exams, force, systems, reports, awards, dismissals, research, silence, femininity. Speak, See, Hear, Look, Listen, Be, Complete, Compete, Seek, Thank, Grow. Fight. Capable.

woman in black top beside green leafed plant

This is what I have been asked to do throughout my life. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on


Recycle THIS

Butting In

Excuse me… mister big ceo tobacco man.

excuse me.  ive been picking up the house after my elders and well..

if I recycle their nasty beer cans I can get 10 cents each and it doesn’t feel so bad because ive got something to show for it – but you sir – you are a filthy rich mess of somethings …

well somethings im not old enough to say.

Somethings I can, like I can ask questions.

Where do I mail these back to mister tobacco man?

(FILES) - Picture taken on October 12, 2

10 Cents Each?


the kid in me


Threads and Politics

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“and its a narrative in many cases provided by people without a college education”

Is this some veiled insult toward me? lol I have a college degree and i work in personal injury law, dealing with all manners of insurance on a daily basis. I have firsthand language of what i am talking about because it is relevant to understanding it for my job.

There is fraud all over the claims business, this is not new and the federal govt will never eliminate all fraud from Medicare, just like a private insurer cannot do so either. This belief expresses a lack of understanding of how insurance works, and why no insurer is perfect. Certainly no one ever argued Medicare is perfect, but for people who have it, it’s pretty frickin great.

You know where we should cut down on wasteful spending? When Medicare pays ou t the largest percentage of benefits for the recipient in the last 6 months of someone’s life. Because this govt has no meaningful way of speaking to the American people about death and dying, and republicans are too ffffin stupid and call this kind of counseling an intrusion into privacy and/or death panels. Regardless of what you think Republicans ARE a primary barrier to why we can’t have better things.

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actually, you hit the point, “but only certain parts” – and its a narrative in many cases provided by people without a college education – such as …

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Silver Bullets

Questions about the adoption and foster care system:

1. Does the child get one phone call?

2. Are they presumed innocent or damaged?

3. At what point in the placement is the child asked to whom they wish to connect to?

4. How many people are in between those children and who they wish to speak to?

5. By alienating them away from family, rather than providing them access to extended family and them expecting them to emotionally “bounce back” from how many transactions prior to their one phone call?

The secret about 12 year olds that men have been arguing about since Pocahontas

oh, its when dhs and cops and the church spread rumors and follow them around while competing for the childs attention and simultaneously destroying all their character and moral fabric and family…

Erikson’s Stages of Development

5. Adolescent: 12 to 18 Years

Identity vs. Role Confusion – Fidelity

Up until this fifth stage, development depends on what is done to a person. At this point, development now depends primarily upon what a person does. An adolescent must struggle to discover and find his or her own identity, while negotiating and struggling with social interactions and “fitting in”, and developing a sense of morality and right from wrong.

Some attempt to delay entrance to adulthood and withdraw from responsibilities (moratorium). Those unsuccessful with this stage tend to experience role confusion and upheaval. Adolescents begin to develop a strong affiliation and devotion to ideals, causes, and friends.

Business to Business (or is it person to person?)

My mind faded away into some questions this morning.

1. Do trash companies receive fees from tobacco industry for filter disposal?

2. What do trash companies do with the stream lined recycled material post recycling?

3. How is Business impacted by consumption?

4. What returns do they receive in exchange for recycling large quantities of materials like office paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, tin, copper, batteries, electronics, etc…?

5. Are there methods in place for buyback options on recycled goods such as paper and cardboard or even copper/titanium?

(which might require an annual trade off from new material to recycled material to maintain a quality stock)

6. What incentives do builders have to maintain a home maintenance record with buyers similar to an auto dealership? (extends duration of product value, among other benefits such as fiscally responsible and proper demolition in extreme cases – which may result in a builder accumulating large quantities of recyclable materials)

7.  When cities impose disposal fees onto the trash company which; has resulted in many cases in the past, those fees being passed onto businesses – have they offered the business a recycling buyback option to their own materials?

I had my hot cocoa this morning.